Sunday, June 10, 2007

First Aid Protocol

During the Tactical Response rifle classes that I took, James Yeager demonstrated the best first aid protocol that I have seen. First off, he has a large medical supply kit stationed where everyone can access it. But just as important as its availability, he told every student where it was kept.

Secondly, he checked to see if cell phones worked in the location of the range. This way, we would know if we could use them to call 911 if needed. If they didn’t work there, he would have told students where they could locate land-line telephones.

Thirdly, with a life threatening injury, getting the injured to the hospital as fast as possible may mean the difference between life and death. Yeager’s truck was emptied with keys in the ignition to be used for transportation to a hospital. Brilliantly, he had a GPS set to give directions to the nearest hospital. All someone had to do was to start the truck, drive, and follow the verbal directions of the GPS.

This protocol should be in effect for every public gathering, shooting event, or even an individual practice session. In an emergency, the importance of having immediate availability of medical supplies or the ability to get to a hospital quickly can not be understated.

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