Friday, May 11, 2007

I’m leaving for the future—Future Weapons that is.

Shortly, I will be heading out to a private military/law enforcement training facility to Roswell, NM with my friends from LWRC whose rifles are being featured on the TV program.

I’ve done several magazine articles on LWRC’s piston AR rifles. Their piston design presents a dramatic leap in operational reliability and longevity. Since the bolt is actuated with a piston rather than hot, dirty gas bled from the barrel, the system runs cleaner and cooler. The dramatic reduction in chamber fouling increases reliability and the lower running temperature decreases the stress effects on component parts resulting in longer service life.

Knowing these advances were just the type of products that Future Weapons likes to feature, I tracked down the producers in England. Long story short, I got LWRC booked on the show.

The episode will cover LWRC’s entire product line including their standard 5.56 and 6.8 piston rifles and the new additions to their line up; a super short 6.8, a .308 and their .499 caliber AR.

My main purpose in joining them in NM is to have a ball! No, no… I meant that I will be participating in the production and will be writing a magazine article on the filming of the show.

Lots more info to come once the filming is done!

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